What can the CPO learn from the CTO?

What can the CPO learn from the CTO?
What can the CPO learn from the CTO?

What the CPO Can Learn from the CTO?

Imagine for a moment that you're the CTO of a swanky tech company with a massive challenge ahead.

You need help, so what do you do? You bring in partners and consultants, and then do the smart thing: CAPEX the lot.

Now, let's switch hats. You're the CPO, in charge of the people stuff. Your mission: attract top talent for a major project or FTE upsurge.

Do you embark on a recruitment extravaganza and hire for your TA team?

Well you could.. but why not take a leaf from the CTO's book? Why not embrace the CAPEX way?

The CTO, that tech-savvy wizard, understands the nuanced art of "renting brilliance." Can the CPO borrow this tactic? Of course!

But how? The idea isn't as alien as it might seem. In the same way tech leaders look for agility, CPOs can embrace flexible solutions that match the project's lifespan.

Enter the world of Agile-RPO, the human equivalent of outsourcing brilliance in a super bespoke way.

Here's how to CAPEX like a CTO, CPO-style:

Identify the Need: Not every project requires a permanent fixture. Sometimes, agility is the name of the game, like finding the right talent for a project without making long-term commitments.

Find Partners, Not Employees: Look for temporary expertise. Seek partners who understand the flexibility of the project landscape. Some RPOs, for instance, specialize in offering agile solutions for talent acquisition, matching the ebb and flow of business needs.

Embrace Flexibility: Being tied down is so passé. Adapt, change, pivot! That’s what tech folk do, and it’s what modern recruitment can achieve as well.

Invest Wisely: Smart investments don’t have to be in tech alone. Invest in partnerships that offer flexibility, scalability, and the kind of expertise that fits the project, not just the payroll.

The beauty of this approach isn’t just about saving money, though that’s certainly appealing. It's about leveraging expertise when and where you need it, just as you would with a significant tech project. It's about matching the right talent with the right task at the right time.

So, CPOs of the world, take a page from the CTO's playbook. CAPEX it, don't OPEX it.

Embrace the agility that's revolutionizing not just technology but the very way we think about talent and recruitment. And who knows?

You might even find that such agile strategies make those board meetings less fraught with awkward silences.

Now that's a win-win, no matter how you acronym it.


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