The Introverted Recruiter

The Introverted Recruiter
The Introverted Recruiter

A loner, shy, socially awkward and grumpy.

Not exactly the words you’d use to describe someone who has chosen to spend their career in a people focused role right?

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to introverts, particularly the quiet and grumpy stereotypes.

You see we’re not actually shy, quiet, socially awkward, grumpy loners. Sometimes we choose to be, and honestly it’s usually our friends and family who feel the brunt of that rather than our candidates or stakeholders.

Generally speaking, social interaction drains the energy levels of an introvert. So we avoid social interaction when we’re feeling particularly drained, because we need to recharge. Working in a people focused role can be draining…

..but do you want to know why introverts make great recruiters?

Empathy, we have bags of it. Switching jobs is a massive deal, as is hiring a new person into your team. Being accountable for both of these needs a lot of empathy.

We listen twice as much as speak. We’re great listeners, we don’t just hear, we listen. A pretty critical skill in recruitment.

We’re deep thinkers and pretty good at solving problems.

We have an eye for detail, we’re creative and contrary to popular belief very good communicators.
All of those traits makes introverts pretty awesome when it comes to recruitment, it also makes introverts excellent leaders.

I was once passed over for a leadership role because I was “too quiet” but that’s another post…


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