Talent Acquisition Isn't Just About Filling Jobs

Talent Acquisition Isn't Just About Filling Jobs
Talent Acquisition Isn't Just About Filling Jobs

We need to hire 25 Software Developers in the next 3 months.

That was the ask of a TA team I worked with, the business thought simply adding more recruiters and therefore more candidates to the top of the funnel would help them achieve this goal.

We looked through the data, in the previous 6 months they’d only managed to hire one Software Developer, despite their best efforts.

We analysed the funnel data, based on previous conversions they’d need to interview over 1000 candidates to reach their goal of 25 hires.

It was obvious that more candidates wasn’t the answer.

We completely re-engineered the hiring process, the interview methodology and took the hiring managers on a journey.

We filled all 25 roles, and we put less candidates into the top of the funnel than they had previously which saved the hiring managers countless hours of time, improved candidate experience and had a positive impact on their employer brand in the market.

Recruiters don’t just advertise jobs and sift CVs…


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