Sourcers Are Not Junior Recruiters

Sourcers Are Not Junior Recruiters
Sourcers Are Not Junior Recruiters

Sourcers are NOT junior recruiters. There I said it.

For some reason, the role of sourcer has always been seen as an entry level role in the world of recruitment and Talent Acquisition.

Whilst sourcing can be a great entry point for those who want to move into a recruiter role, sourcing is a skillset and career path in it’s own right.

A great sourcer is a master of searching multiple platforms and networks. They’ll find and engage with talent that nobody else can, they’ll arm recruiters with outstanding market insight and knowledge.

A great sourcer is worth their weight in gold.

Managing stakeholders, removing blockers in the hiring process, candidate evaluation, employer branding and candidate experience – recruiters are great at this.

But even the great recruiters are average sourcers. And the great sourcers are average recruiters.

They’re two completely different skillsets.


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