Is Quality Of Hire Even A Talent Acquisition Metric?

Is Quality Of Hire Even A Talent Acquisition Metric?
Is Quality Of Hire Even A Talent Acquisition Metric?

Let's talk TA Metrics, let's talk specifically about Quality Of Hire.

For a really long time QoH has been considered the holy grail of TA Metrics, it's really difficult to measure, some use data around attrition, promotion, manager feedback and other data points to determine the quality of hire.

There is no single universal way to measure QoH that has been agreed on by TA Leaders.

But let's consider this, is QoH even a TA metric?

TA don't make the hiring decisions, TA don't often own onboarding, why are TA trying to hold themselves to a metric where they don't control the outcome.

But the other thing we really should consider - how can we even have a QoH metric without any Quality of Leadership metric? Companies can hire great talent, but they leave or underperform due to poor leadership.

Great leaders can hire good talent and help turn them into outstanding talent.

So, is Quality of Hire even a TA metric?


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