Candidate Experience, Ghosting & Recruiter Experience

Candidate Experience, Ghosting & Recruiter Experience
Candidate Experience, Ghosting & Recruiter Experience

Let’s talk candidate experience, let’s talk ghosting, let’s talk recruiter experience.

They’re all linked, obviously.

No recruiter (in my experience anyway) deliberately goes out of their way to give candidates a bad experience, nor do they think “I’m going to ghost this candidate".

Most inhouse recruiters are time poor. Spinning 30 or 40 open roles, across multiple hiring managers and departments.

Some of those roles they’ll need to spend hours headhunting and engaging with really hard to find talent, some of the roles they’ll have hundreds of inbound applications to go through and speak to.

They’ll have countless candidates they’re speaking to, across multiple different role types and all at varying parts of the hiring process.

They’ll have hiring managers to keep updated, stakeholders in urgent need to get their vacancies filled to complete a key project.

Interviews to arrange, offers to make and quite often project work they’re trying to do on the side of their desk.

They’re human, they’re going to drop the ball every once in while, the more balls they’re trying to keep in the air, the more they’re going to drop.

If you really, genuinely care about candidate experience, the impact it’s having on your employer brand and your ability to hire in demand talent – take a look at your recruiter experience.

How can you free up their time?

Do you automate some non-value add processes? Maybe you look for inefficiencies in your hiring process that are real time killers? Do you need to revisit your demand planning?

Or simply, do you just need more recruiters?

A best in class candidate experience starts with a best in class recruiter experience.


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